Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Start

Hi my name is Randy and I am a avid outdoorsman and a fan of personal development. That is how I came up with the name of the blog. I started this blog to share the stories of the outdoors and the stories of personal development.

My sons have rekindled the spark of the outdoors for me. I have had the spark all of my life but with the birth of my sons the spark has turned into a 5 alarm fire. My boys have sure helped me get my priorities in check. Conservation and the future of the outdoors is one of my top priorities in my life. The saying "Hunt with your kids, not for them" puts it best. So I hope with this blog I can share enjoyable stories and maybe teach somethings along the way. So sit back relax and enjoy the stories of me, my family and friends in the Great Outdoors.